Voëlvlei Dam

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Voëlvlei Dam is a dam in the Western Cape, South Africa. It was established in 1971. The history of Voëlvlei Dam, located near Gouda in the Western Cape of South Africa, dates back for a thousand years or more. The dam has a large natural depression which collects water from the mountains located on the eastern side of the dam. Since 1734 the farm on which Voëlvlei Dam is situated belonged to the Walters family, who were of German descent. The farms consist of farms 207, 200 and portion 1 of 252. The farms include the mountain and cut right through the middle of the dam. In 1948 the government of Dr. D.F. Malan, by a proclamation No 131 of 1947, expropriated the land and the farm for the Bergriver Irrigation Scheme. The state paid compensation to the Walters family in the amount of £44,000 and the Vogelvlei Quarries (Pty) Ltd which bought the remainder of Voëlvlei in 1946 for £48,000.



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