St Helena Bay

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Saint Helena Bay (Afrikaans: Sinthelenabaai) is a settlement in West Coast District Municipality in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Nicknamed by locals as Agterbaai,[2][3] the town is located on the shore of the bay, from which it derives its name[4] and is approximately 150 km north of Cape Town, South Africa. It surrounds the towns of Vredenburg and Paternoster, and is located across the bay from Laaiplek.

Saint Helena Bay is a major fishing town.[7] It is home to Sandy Point Harbor - one of two ports to the bay, (the other being in Laaiplek) on the West Coast of South Africa. In winter it is host to many fishing activities, where snoek is found in its waters, as well as an endangered species of rock lobster and crayfish.[8]

The bay has a high number of pelagic fish, and consist of eleven fish processing factories.


Western Cape, St Helena Bay. GPS: -32.7582207, 18.0231647