Morgenstond Dam

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Morgenstond Dam in the Ngwempisi River, Mpumalanga Province of South Africa has a capacity of 100.2million cubic metres. It was built near Amsterdam in 1978, has a wall length of 574 metres and a Height of 43 metres with a surface area of 977 hectares. Morgenstond, Westoe and Jericho Dams (All in the same area) are interlinked and operate as a system. Water is released from Westoe to Jericho under gravity through a tunnel and pipeline. Water from the Morgenstond Dam is pumped to the Jericho Dam. From Jericho Dam, water is pumped out of the catchment area for use by Eskom.


Mpumalanga, Amsterdam. GPS: -26.7276001, 30.5158997