Mohale Dam

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The Mohale Dam is the second-largest dam in the Lesotho Highlands Development Project. Built as a backup reserve to the Katse Dam project, the two dams are connected by a tunnel that ensures there’s enough water to meet South Africa’s ever-increasing demand. At 145 m, Mohale is the highest concrete-faced rock-filled dam in Africa. An entire mountain was crushed and moved to build the rock wall. 

Driving in from Maseru, once again marvel at the beauty of the three mountain passes before arriving at the dam. The drive from Mohale to Katse via Thaba-Tseka is one of the finest Lesotho has to offer. Admire the reflections of the clouds as one drives around the lake on 4x4 roads. Enjoy the visitors centre’ and Mohale Village where there is a dam wall tour several times a day.


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