Kleinfontein Dam

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Information of Kleinfontein Dam is provided by Carp Angler.

Kleinfontein Dam in Benoni on Gauteng’s East Rand is an established specimen water with a rich history steeped in the region’s gold mining industry, and indeed has the potential to be one of the metropole’s top specimen waters.

The dam has an abundant population of carp in the 10kg class with sufficient head of wily big specimens to test the skills of even the most experienced carper.

The water itself is of a good size of around one hundred acres and is rich with many fish-holding features, including submerged weed-beds, deep channels, drop-offs, submerged timber and sunken man-made structures. Even in areas where the dam floor consists of soft silt and mud and appear to be flat and devoid of any features, when fished correctly will nevertheless still produce fish if the correct techniques are utilised, such as for example ensuring that hookbaits are visible above the mud.

A positive factor with this dam is that the water levels are very constant with very little fluctuation throughout the year – winter conditions are therefore very similar to conditions during summer. The exception on occasion is during summer rainstorms when water clarity can be affected.

Bottom conditions vary widely, from deep un-fishable black silt to white sand gravel beds close to the dam wall. There are a number of special features

to look out for that date from the old mining days of the dam, plus the usual margin features such a reedbeds, clay banks and visible weedbeds.

Aquatic bird life can pose a problem for those keen on mass baiting with bright coloured baits - popped up boilies and zig rigs give them something to play with during the daylight hours!

A negative of any session to Kleinfontein is the security situation. Over the last few years it has succumbed to the ills of rapid urbanisation with vagrants and other unsavoury characters frequenting its northern banks, which is the old Danie Taljaard Park that is now open with uncontrolled access. Fishing only in groups is strongly recommended.  


Gauteng, Benoni. GPS: -26.1819000, 28.3244991