Inanda Dam

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Just a couple of kilometres beyond the Durban suburb of Hillcrest, you can walk into South African sporting history at the Inanda Dam and Resort.

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Well known by KZN’ers and more associated with monster bass, Inanda Dam is yet another example of a Monster Carp water yet to be discovered by the greater specimen community.

Set in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Inanda is just 43km from Durban and 70km from Pietermaritzburg. At more than 1460ha in extent, it is 1.5 times the size of St. Cassien in France, and also very close to the same longitude in opposite hemispheres. Dare we dream it could mirror Cassien’s 70lb+ fish?

Situated in the Umgeni River system, there is a constant supply of fresh water and natural food for both Carp and Bass. The presence of a healthy big bass population is a good sign for big Carp.

Thre have been some reports of over harvesting by local subsistence fishermen with small inefficient nets, which while they may remove the odd big fish, their (illegal) activities should help to remove and control the numbers of smaller fish.

Angling within the Msinsi Resort is safe; it has good facilities with a range of accommodation options to suit all manner of carping and is a great family venue.

For the hardened, long session carpers, bank space can be crowded and the venue has plenty of bass boats, so sinking lines and patience is needed. Seek out the weedy banks and less pressured areas away from the boat launch areas.

Mid-week is quiet, as are the cooler winter months, but this is Natal so we’re talking long pants and a jersey, but certainly not Arctic blizzards. Outside of the resort there is plenty of bank space, but safety has to be a concern. It might be possible to boat out to a safe hidden area, but err on the side of caution - coming across illegal netters or worse, the growers of the famous Durban Poison might not take kindly for their activities becoming known. With generally little attention paid to KwaZulu-Natal’s inland waterways, this is another gem waiting to be discovered by the greater Specimen fraternity.

Perhaps over time, and perhaps with anglers introducing plenty of decent nutritious bait and if the management focusses on Specimen fish management, then this could be one of our top specimen waters, but until then it will be a great safe place to catch some decent fish with the family.

Bait Choices:

No recent reports in, but in the past you couldn’t go wrong with Tigers and Maize, with some hemp in the feed. Boilies have produced fish to 11kg, Strawberry Cream was the flavour in this case, but expect issues with Catfish in the Summer.

Rigs Choices:

Known areas we fished had hard clay type of bottoms,

but with a dam so large and diverse you can expect to find all types of conditions, so match your presentation to suit.


Look for natural food larders. The Umgeni river system has a crab population, so for the big ones seek out the quiet areas and target the major features you find. To the right at the resort the one bay has some very promising, so give them a go. Think outside the box.

Water Stats:

Dam Record: Bass 6.2kg; Carp 11kg (Confirmed); 17kg (Unconfirmed).

Average size fish caught 8 – 10kg.

Stock levels: High.


Location: Hillcrest, KwaZulu Natal

29° 42’ 1”? S, 30° 52’?1”E

Rules: General Angling rules apply at the resort, so follow the SACS guidelines and practice Specimen ethics and Carp Care.

Accomodation: While the various accommodation options carry all the essentials associated with the type of booking, there is no on-site shop, so all supplies need to be brought taken with. Wood is available for sale, but at peak times demand is high, so rather take your own.

Nearby Services: Hillcrest is the closest major town with all the supplies you need; both a Checkers and Pick n Pay are in town, on your way to the dam.

Other activities: The resort has a number of activities for the non-angler. Visit the website for more info:

Opening Times: Inanda is open from 06.00 to 18.00 all year round. The gate is closed at night.


KwaZulu-Natal, Hillcrest. GPS: -29.6802006, 30.8351002


Tel: 031 766 9946
Cell: 082 551 5696