Doordekraal Dam

Door De Kraal Dam

This rose amongst the thorns is smack bang in the middle of Belville residential area.

It is safe to fish alone even when it gets dark, but common sense should prevail and it’s always a great idea to fish with someone, especially if you come out the water after dark.

This place is wickedly beautiful considering its location. The residents are very proud of their little pond as it brings a variety of birdlife to the area. 

The dam is very productive and practically any lure will catch you fish. Having said that the dam is extremely pressurised so it’s not always plain sailing.

In summer the sun comes up bright and early and goes down well after 8pm. 

You will need a permit to fish the dam. Not just your Cape Nature permit but a permit issued only by the Durbanville municipality for Doordekraal alone. Don’t forget to take along your Cape Nature permit and ID.

The dam is also home to some very big carp so an ideal venue for specimen carp fishermen. Kurper and blue gill are also present.

Very Important Notice
The residents are very sensitive to the presence of fishermen and have tried to stop them from fishing there in the past. I urge all fishermen to adhere to the rules:

  1. Clean up after yourselves especially line that is dangerous to the birds.
  2. Get your permit.
  3. The dam wall is out-of-bounds for bank anglers
  4. Don’t climb out on the islands and scare the nesting birds
  5. Don’t drink and make a noise.
  6. Requires the following:

    1) Valid Fresh Water License
    2) Permit specific to Doordekraal.

    DO NOT FISH THE DAM WITHOUT A PERMIT. They can fine you up to R1500 for non compliance. More importantly though - the dam was closed before due to fisherman being a nuisance. THe dam has been reopened thanks to the bass fisherman community. The fees generated from the permit help to upkeep the quality of the dam. If people fish without permits, the dam goes unmanaged, quality of fish deteriorate, and eventually fishing gets closed, again. Please buy your permits.

    Prime Fishing waters for Carp and Bass


Western Cape, Bellville. GPS: -33.8645782, 18.6292706