Brandvlei Dam (Lake Marais)

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Greater Brandvlei Dam is an earth-fill type dam located on a tributary of the Breede River, near Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa. It was formed by joining the original Brandvlei Dam (Lake Marais) and the Kwaggaskloof Dam after reconstruction in 1989. Its main purpose is for irrigation use and the hazard potential of the dam has been ranked high.


Dip kombinasies:

1. Kiana + Gomtor (garlic)

2. Kiana + Bedazzled (duiwelsdrek)

3. Gomtor (garlic) Special + Black Magic

4. Codliver oil (By Apteke te kry) + Wha!

5. Kiana + Lemon Time + Black Magic

6. Gomtor (garlic) + Red Card

7. Skoon Wha!

8. Wha! + Kiana

Stroppe: Rietvlei stroppe

Hoek asies: Pitte, pitte en nogmaals pitte.

Verdere inligting: Sagte asies vang baie witvis. Gegeurde pitte of gedoopte asies vang die karpe.

Hengel afstand: 60 – 110 meter.

Inligting verskaf deur Conoflex

MaGic Baits


1. DCX, Jessica & GTA
2. DCX, Carma & Rhone
3. DCX, Island & 4x4
4. Carma/DCX & GeeBee/TFC
5. DCX, Alm X & GeeBee/TFC

Hoek Aas

Floaties: Vampire, Alm X, HLX, GeeBee, TFC, Island, Beast
Deeg: Island, Honey Glow, Vampire, Alm X, Dudley



Western Cape, Worcester. GPS: -33.7094994, 19.4318008