Aston Lake / Umbillo Dam

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Aston Lake is a small dam on the outskirts of Springs on the Endicot road. The dam is home ground to Benoni Angling Society and is also known under the name of Umbila Dam. In the week this is a quiet shore but over weekends it tends to become a bit crowned. Come early to secure your favourite spot. No motorbikes, no quads, no boats (not even bait boats), no wading), no firearms and no dogs. 2 rods per angler. There is a grassy shore which is cut infrequently. Ablution is limited to not to bad "long drops", and a tap with fresh water is situated at the gate. I take my own drinking water to be safe. There is an entrepreneur living close to the gate, that sell some basic fishing tackle, mieliebom, dips, snake worms and such. There is a lady that drives around collecting the day fees. R10 per car, R15 per angler R5 for a non angler and R20 extra to camp overnight. There is no security but I’ve yet to learn of an incident at this venue. Fishing: Aston Lake is home to barbel and carp. The barbel is relative easy to catch, but it is mostly the smaller cats that try to make a meal of your hook.


Dip kombinansies Conoflex

  1. Tjop-Tjop + T-Rex
  2. Bedazzled (duiwelsdrek) +Red Card
  3. Energy Peach + Black Magic + Caramel Plus
  4. Tjop-Tjop + Bedazzled (duiwelsdrek)
  5. Lemon Time + Kiana + Caramel Plus
  6. Jinx + Raptor + Caramel Plus
  7. Plakker + Black Magic
  8. WW7 +Raptor + SA Poeier
  9. Lemon Time + Caramel Plus
  10. Red Card + Plakker
  11. Kiana + Black Magic
  12. Stroppe :Rietvlei of boerstroppe
  13. Hoek asies :Karp - degies, floaties, pitte en backings
  14. Verdere inligting :Hengel op ‘n kol. Hengel lig 80 – 100 meter. Vis byt gewoonlik beter in die dag. Baie jonger vis om te vang.


Gauteng, Springs. GPS: -26.2536068, 28.5313587


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