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Mackerel Slide

This is a great slide bait for all situations – it is hydrodynamic (slides fast), shiny and has good smell, so it checks all the boxes. This presentation can be applied to yellowtail, bonito, shad, mullet and all manner of whole fish slides.

1.Measure your trace against the mackerel, with the top hook at the tip of the nose. Note the position of the bottom hook relative to the bait and push the hook through the flesh towards the tail and expose it with the hook tip pointing at the nose.

2.Insert the top hook through the bottom jaw coming out the top of the head, ensuring the hook is proud

3. Use a toothpick to secure the bottom hook by placing it through the hook eye. This keeps the hook from falling flat, thus ensuring maximum hook exposure. You can add as many as you feel are required.

4.Bait cotton can be wrapped around the bottom hook and pulled around the body of the mackerel in different directions, helping keep it proud.

5.A cable tie can be used to secure a barbless top hook and to help flatten excess cable between hooks

By Christopher Caine