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Chokka slide

When in doubt, slide a chokka. Everything eats chokka! (If you don’t know what a chokka is, it is the squid Loligo reynaudi). This is one of the few slide baits that can produce almost anything, from big edibles like yellowtail, GT and kob to sharks like bronzies and hammers and is one of only two baits that consistently catches duckbill rays (the other being octopus). If there are BIG stingrays in the area you are fishing and you are not prepared for a long fight, DON’T SLIDE A CHOKKA!

1-Measure your slide trace against the chokka, with the top hook at the tip of the mantle. Note the position of the bottom hook relative to the bait and push the hook through the flesh towards the head and expose it with the hook tip pointing at the tip of the mantle.

2- Insert the top hook about half an inch below the tip of the mantle.

3-Use a pin to secure the bottom hook by placing it through the hook eye, pushing it through to the other side of the tube and bending it around. This keeps the hook from falling flat, thus ensuring maximum hook exposure. You can add as many as you feel are required.

4-A cable tie can be used to secure a barbless top hook and to help flatten excess cable between hooks

5- Pins can be used to secure the head to the mantle.

By Christopher Caine