Bait - Chokka and Mackerel slide

Chokka and Mackerel slide.

This is an excellent bait that will get eaten if there are any sharks and particularly flatfish around at all. The mackerel in this demonstration can be substituted for any fish with mullet and shad being ideal.

1 – remove the head and guts of the chokka.

2 – trim the back off of the mackerel, cut the gills open and the tail off.

3 – cut the tip off of the chokka tube.

4 – put the mackerel head-first into the chokka tube, exposing the tip of the nose at the open tip of the mantle. Make sure the mackerel is not lying on its side relative to the chokka tube.

5 – Hook the mackerel (through the chokka tube) through the bottom jaw coming out the top jaw. Ensure that it is well hooked but make sure the hook is proud enough to penetrate a sharks hard jaw.

6 – Stuff the tube with the mackerel off cuts and any other small pieces of bait you have lying around.

7 – replace the chokka guts and head and secure with pins.