Bait - Basic Chokka Bait - ADVENTUREBUDDY

Sardine belly, beaten chokka, prawns, white mussel and almost any other bait can be added to the chokka base, dependant on the target species. A stinger hook can be added at the angler’s discretion, depending on acceptable bycatch (A kob worth catching will hook itself on the main hook)

1-Tie some foam to the bottom of the hook shank. (Size dependant on conditions)

2- Place your hook against the opened and cleaned chokka tube. Cut three lengths of chokka twice the length of the hook and foam and approximately 10 to 15mm wide.

3- Tie each piece to the hook, with the chokka starting at the swivel side of the foam and extending beyond the end of the hook. Tie a piece on each side of the foam on the bottom side of the hook. This leaves the bend of the hook totally exposed.

4- Beat a hook and foam length of chokka to a pulp with a chokka hammer and tie it to the top of the bait, below the hook point. Since this is so soft, it wont interfere with the hookup

5- Lightly pin a stinger hook through the tip of the bait. This is optional and relative to the size of your bait