Hennie and Magda's Fishing Corner -Serah Wolmarans Terblanche


Tel :. 0837616328

Bbm: 26 F5E005

Directions: If you travel from Stilfontein to Potchefstroom take the left exit on the Orkney bridge.

Drive about 2km

Mooibank Road turned left

Drive 4km turn right at Tolmay shop

Ride over the river and climb onto the gravel road.

1km then right

Drive about 5 km to Vaal Vista board.

Turn right and drive to the end.

Turn right drive to No. 12.


Cost: R660 for 4 people per weekend.

When you come driving around Hennie and Magda's house the first thought that comes to mind is WOW !!!!!!!

"George of the Jungle" here we come. 4 Wooden houses well hidden among lush plant growth and high trees.We stay in house No. 5. The only brick house (because my knees hurt so quickly because of the cold).

Each house is just flashy inside. Fridge, kettle, stove, microwave, cabinets, table and chairs 

2 comfortable double beds. Here 'Mommy’ has no reason to complain. For every house there is a wooden deck built each with its own table and chairs and barbecue. 

Beautiful views of the river and while the meat is sizzling on the coals and mommy taste her wine and cold drops of the beer bottle drips over your hand, you can keep eye on your rods.

The place is literally full of surprises. Lovely pool with wooden deck and relaxing chairs,

bar and reception area (just think those fun family reunions), fishpond, 3 Bathrooms with shower, basin and toilet

and even a little washup area for your dishes.

For the "little ones" there is a complete park with swing, seesaw, climbing frames, trampoline and put-put.

For the more adventurous you can load your mountain bike and take on the dirt road.

The banks are so steep, but Hennie took care of that. Smart little man that!. Comfortable steps for each house to the bottom. 

Fireplaces for the severe cold.

House no 1 and 2 are pretty flat at the front with a comfortable place for scooping your fish.

Man I don’t want to cough, fart or gossip but it was cold the two days. It was a test from strong to sweet flavors, worms to dough, corn to flouties. Man, they were stubborn. After I consulted my moon color dip map and saw that the moon catches I succeeded with onion corn and honey brown bread. Green FX and skunk on the ball. So we land us 24 fish.

Every night after a good solid dinner (energy against the cold) you take your seat behind your rods. In the distance you can hear the lion park’s lions roaring and the jackles calling each other. Now, what could be nicer? We anglers do not realize every day how lucky we are to be able to see so much beauty. Blessed !!!!!!.