Floating Gems

FLOATING GEMS: Best Floatie on the Market

We all caught with floaties, but if you have not caught with New Floating Gems, well then you are missing a lot. Because the fish are crazy about the floating gems.

Magic Baits Floating Gems is a Sodium Chloride based, highly visible, flavour licking bait.

This bait has excellent buoyancy, and is highly porous causing odor to be effectively released over an extended period.

Freshwater fish need sodium chloride maintain their osmotic balance. This process burns energy. The Floating Gems serve as a Sodium chloride dietary supplement that causes less energy to be burned, looking for the supplement in their natural diet. So the fish have more energy, and the extra energy allows the fish to go into a frenzy (feeding frenzy).

Only the best scents and attractants are used in the manufacturing process.

To stimulate food detective senses, we have a secret sweetener added. The secret ingredient to improve the bait attraction and palatability. The wonderful taste and smell of the bait makes it irresistible. It is near to impossible for fish to ignore this bait.

There are twelve flavors to choose from.

Rubine Crimson (Red) (Strawberry)

Onyx Black Magic (Black) (Garlic, Strong)

Emerald Weed (Green) (Shrimp)

Pearl White Claw (White) (Duiwelsdrek)

Zircon Gta (Yellow) (Almond & Garlic)

Fire Opal Blaze (Yellow) (Curry)

Amber 4x4 (Orange) (Fruit)

Moonstone Poet (Orange) (Banana & Eucalyptus)

Sapphire Aquaberry (Blue) (Blue Berry)

Tanzanite Malbessie (Press) (Berries mixed)

Red Quartz Magenta (Pink) (Musk Blend)

Tigers Eye Cocoa (Brown) (Dark Chocholate)

As you can see, the twelve flavors that are there is enough for you to bring several fish in the net at any venue. Below are odor and bait presentation that I use with floating gems.

The Tigers eye gems works perfectly with Swiss, Spookasem and the new Xpresso boldip.

You may use Emerald gems with XXX, weed, Sushi, and stink bug boldips as a fragrance.

Sapphire gems work very well with 4x4 and your other fruit flavor boldips as Traction, Foxtrot and JR

The Amber gems running smoothly with 4x4 and DCX on the ball.

Pearl gems is a winner and is officially my first no. 1 gem to start fishing. The boldips which I use with the PEARL gems are HLX, D- Day, TAC and Skunk.

The Blaze gems are a big favorite in the river and the boldips that work good  with it is  DCX and a little TFC.

The Magenta gems work very well on your cooler days and with Pink sweets and VRM.

The Tanzanite gems will be an excellent gem on your hot summer days. I fish it with 4x4 and your other fruit flavor boldips like Traction, Foxtrot and JR

ONYX is a gem which works very well everywhere and is also one of my favorites, with which I have caught nice fish. It works very well with CTA, Black Magic, GAP and RPA.

Moonstone gems is a gem you can land a fish with at any venue. I have had great success with moonstone gems when at the river and Vaal Dam. The boldips that compliment it nicely is Poet, Warrior and Banana x.

Rubine gems are a must in your tackle box because the fish do not leave it alone for long. I got two bites at the river within 60 seconds on Rubine gems. It works very well with Crimson, Dudley and Vaal King.

Another excellent gem is the Zircon floaties that works really well throughout the day and at any venue. It is also one of the gems that delivered on fish the fastest. You can use it with GTA, Black Magic, GAP and RPA.

Below are my catches with the gems. I put only six photos on because I landed over 150 fish with the Gems as hook bait.

As you can see Gems work excellent and it is the path that the floaties will take in South Africa. The days of the regular Floatie are over and I am delighted that MAGICBAITS is the market leader in the new nutritious Floatie revolution.

The floating Gems of Magicbaits has no equal, and the fish feel the same. So if you want to improve your catches .... Immediatly get yourself the new FLOATING GEMS.