Camp River Lake -Serah W Terblanche


Tel: 072 959 6827

On the Lindeques road near Parys.

With the grounding overcast cold front that was starting to envelop us, hubby decided it was river time. Camp River Lake was our choice.

The camp greeted us with two huge stone fish eagles at the entrance. It was quiet and cold. We make our rods stand up straight in front of house No. 2.

Look at how steep and high that bank is. It is guaranteed that you will have calves like tree stumps after a weekend here. But I push through with the climbing up and down with hands full of tackle.

I use tcp for the cold morning, green flouracine and Aniseed dip. Silver flouties. Earthworms and sweet white dough. As the day goes by and you feel the rays of the sun on your skin. 

I only caught with white dough and a drop of devil's dung, flouracine and fx dip. It landed us 20 fish. Now no "wow" great fish, but they seem to look like fish and smell like fish. According to Uncle Koos the “big” ones move at night.

There is assorted housing and just before Camp River Lake's turn is a butchery and cafe. At the camp mommy can get her golden brown body wet in the pool, while your littel prince and princess enjoy themselves while engaging in numerous climbing frames and swings. Comfortable facilities. Very clean and nice short grass.

Be warned. There is a feathered gang that steals your bait from your bait bucket and if you try to scare them off they make their objection with a number of grunts and quacking and then they leave you with a few blotches.